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Scheduled Medications & Reminders (Adding & Editing)

Adding Scheduled Medication

1. Select “Schedule Meds” in Settings under “Medications & Automation”.

2. Tap “Schedule Meds” and then select the medication.


3. Enter the dose & frequency of the reminder. Schedule the time by scrolling through the clock. 

4. Select “Save” when you are done.

Deleting Scheduled Meds

1. Select “Schedule Meds” in Settings under “Medications & Automation”. 

2. Swipe the scheduled medication you would like to delete to the left and then tap “Delete”. 

3. Select “Done”.


Editing Scheduled Meds

1. Tap the scheduled med.

2. Adjust the med type, dose, cadence and time.

3. Select “Save” when you are done. 

*One Drop | Mobile users will receive a reminder to check BG 1 hour after insulin reminders.

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