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Log a Food Moment + Add as Favorite

Log a Food Moment

1. Click the green Food button on the bottom of your home screen. 

2. Tap "Search Food Library" and type the food you're looking for in "Search for Foods" bar.

3. Scroll through list to find food.

4. Edit serving size by clicking "Edit". Adjust serving size and click "Save".

5. Clicking "Log Now" will immediately log your food moment to your timeline. Clicking "Add & Continue" will bring you back to the food logging screen where you can add additional details (e.g., note), or add additional food items.

6. Identify the meal (e.g., Snack) or add a picture if you'd like to add more detail!

Save Food as Favorite

1. Name your food by clicking on the pencil icon.

2. Click "Save" to add to timeline.

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