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How do I use the barcode scanner?

If you have / are using the One Drop | Mobile on iOS or Android, you will be able to access the Food Barcode scanner to easily collect nutrition info. 

If your food items has packaging with a barcode, you can easily scan the item to collect all the nutritional information.

1. Click "Search Food Library".

2. Click barcode icon in the top righthand corner. 

3. [iOS] Scan Barcode by aligning the red line with the product's barcode. The middle of the line will turn green.

 [Android] Scan Barcode by pointing the phone at the product's barcode. It will look like the camera, without any red lines. 

4. Tap the button next to the product's name to select. Then press "Add & Continue". ("Log Now" can be used to immediately log moment without adding additional details or naming the item.)

5. Click "Save" OR Tap the pencil icon to name the product.

6. Click "Save" to log food moment.

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