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Health Data Sync (Apple HealthKit, iOS only)

Sync your data from other health apps via Apple HealthKit (iOS only).

1. Open One Drop settings.

2. Click "Health Data Sync".

3. Click any "Enable" to be sent to Apple HealthKit app.

4. "Turn All Categories On" or individually select categories. 

5. Click "Allow" to save selections.

**Some health apps do not allow sharing of data. 

What about fitbit?

You can link your fitbit account with One Drop here

What about Android?

You can use Google Fit to bring activity data into One Drop. Enable Google Fit sharing in-app Settings. Those apps that are sharing with Google Fit will push data to the One Drop app (given sharing permissions are enabled). 

Why are some of my Health Kit data (i.e., steps) missing or delayed? 

Each health app shares data differently with Health Kit, which means the data shared with One Drop via Apple Health Kit may not always consistent or complete. If you are experiencing a delay in data syncing, go into One Drop settings and scroll down to "Sync Data with Server."

** Please note that steps and activity from the Apple Watch are not currently captured by One Drop.**

Certain data points may not be captured by One Drop at this time (e.g., specific macronutrients, steps). Future updates will expand these capabilities 

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