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What is One Drop?

One Drop is a diabetes management platform that harnesses the power of mobile computing and data science to empower people with diabetes to live healthier lives, together. By logging your daily activities, you can see the relationships that food, insulin, and activity have with glucose levels and learn how others in the One Drop community navigate their daily lives, from one good glucose reading to the next.

Today, One Drop | Mobile is available as a free download for iOS (for iPhone and Apple Watch) and for Android. And, we offer a beautiful, bluetooth-enabled glucose meter and convenient monthly subscriptions for supplies and on-demand diabetes support to help you manage your diabetes and achieve all your health goals.  

“I think people are going to love this.” 

Doug Ulman, former CEO of LIVESTRONG, now CEO of Pelotonia

“I have never seen a straightforward tool like this, and it’s really quite useful. …something missing from the current diabetes marketplace.”

Oded Kraft, former VP of Products at Medingo (now Roche).

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