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I need a One Drop Glucose Meter replacement

What's wrong with your One Drop Glucose Meter?

I'm having trouble trusting my readings.

We stand behind the accuracy of our glucose meter. Learn more about clinically proven accuracy here.

Need control solution? E-mail us at ☆ One Drop Glucose Meter must be tested with our proprietary control solution. Testing with other control solution may result in an inaccurate reading. Learn how to use control solution here.

My One Drop Glucose Meter is broken.

E-mail us at Please include:

  • Name and e-mail associated with your order
  • Order number (One Drop Store) or receipt (Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Jet)
  • Photo of One Drop Glucose Meter
  • A written explanation of the issue

After reviewing your complaint we will send you a return label and replacement One Drop Glucose Meter kit.

I lost my One Drop Glucose Meter.

We are sorry to hear your One Drop Glucose Meter has been lost or stolen. Please e-mail us at We will provide a discount code.

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