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How to pair your One Drop | Chrome for the first time

★ Please make sure you are running the most recent version of the One Drop | Mobile app.

1. Tap Settings (gear in top righthand corner).

2. Tap "Set up Meter."

3. Tap the button that applies to you. If you already have a One Drop | Chrome, tap I already have one. If you need to purchase a One Drop | Chrome, tap Buy now.

4. Make sure your phone's bluetooth is ON.

5. Press and hold the button on your meter until the bluetooth symbol flashes on the meter.

6. Enter the 6-digit PIN code that appears on the meter in the "Bluetooth Pairing Request" box and tap Pair. 

7. Tap "Done" to finish the pairing process. We recommend waiting 30-60 seconds after tapping "Done" before taking your first BG reading so that the connection is stable.

How do I know that my One Drop | Chrome is correctly paired?

Easy-peasy! If you can see ONEDROP listed under "My Devices" when your Bluetooth is ON, then you're all set! Your Chrome is correctly paired. It is normal and expected for it to say "Not Connected," as your Chrome will only connect for the half-second it takes to transfer your blood glucose readings to the One Drop app and you likely won't see the brief connection. It will look like this:

How do I view my One Drop | Chrome or pair a second meter?

1. Tap Settings (gear in top righthand corner).

2. Tap "My Purchases."

3. Tap "One Drop Meter" to view your meter or "Set up Meter" to pair a second meter. 

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