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How do I sync / transfer my Chrome blood glucose readings to One Drop | Mobile app?

Your Bluetooth enabled One Drop | Chrome wirelessly connects to your One Drop | Mobile app. Once your Chrome is paired, uploading blood glucose data is easy!

Make sure that...

  • One Drop | Mobile is updated to the most recent app version.
  • One Drop | Mobile is running. For optimal performance, do NOT regularly force-quit One Drop | Mobile.
  • Bluetooth is ON in your phone settings.
  • One Drop | Chrome is in range (≥10 feet of your phone).
  • One Drop | Chrome is paired to your phone. Look for ONE DROP or your meter's serial number in your phone Bluetooth settings.

1-2-3 Sync!

  1. Turn on One Drop | Chrome by lightly tapping the button on the end of your meter.
  2. If you have enabled "Confirm All Readings Before Import," the screen below will pop up.
  3. Tap "Import All" and these new readings will appear on your One Drop | Mobile home screen!

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