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Chrome syncing DOs and DON'Ts

Your Chrome should transfer data to One Drop | Mobile when you lightly press the Chrome button OR take a new BG reading. Having trouble? Check out these DOs and DON'Ts (these can hurt your meter!)


Updated. One Drop | Mobile must be updated to the most recent app version.

Running. One Drop | Mobile must be running. For optimal performance, do not regularly force-quit app.

ON. Bluetooth must be on in your phone settings.

Range. One Drop | Chrome must be within 10 feet of your phone.

Paired. One Drop | Chrome must be paired to your phone. Look for ONE DROP or your glucometer's serial number in your phone's Bluetooth settings.


Forget. Do NOT forget Chrome in your phone's Bluetooth settings.

Remove. Do NOT remove Chrome from One Drop | Mobile app.

Force. Do NOT hold down Chrome button to force meter into pairing mode.

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