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Sync One Drop & fitbit

Are you a One Drop user who rocks a fitbit? Now, you can seamlessly sync your fitbit activity data with One Drop! Here's how:

1. Update One Drop to latest app version. 

2. Open One Drop

3. Tap Settings icon to access "My Account."

4. Tap "Linked Accounts."

5. Tap fitbit. 

6. Login using fitbit account info (Email & Password).

7. Get moving! Your new fitbit steps will be recorded in One Drop.

★ Historical data (prior to syncing fitbit and One Drop) will not appear in One Drop. Only new fitbit data will be synced with One Drop.

Oh no! My fitbit data is not syncing correctly!

Keep the following caveats in mind:

1. You have set activity thresholds in your fitbit account. Fitbit will not count activity until it reaches a certain threshold, so you won't see that activity reflected in your Me Stream either. Here's an screenshot of what Fitbit calls Exercise Goals. Walked from the fridge back to the couch? You won't see that in the Me Stream, because that's less than the Walk goal you've set of 15 minutes. You will, however, see those steps in the total Steps under Activity in your One Drop Stats.

2. Right now, One Drop is only syncing your Steps. Activity Minutes and Food are coming soon!

3. One Drop pulls in data from fitbit at predetermined time points. If you don't see your Steps, wait a little while (maybe take a walk ;) ) and see if it updates. 

If you're still having trouble with syncing your fitbit data, try these steps in order -- if it doesn't work, go to the next step: 

1. Make sure that your fitbit account is linked in One Drop as we describe at the top of this page.

2. Make sure that you have synced your fitbit to the fitbit app and that you can see your steps in the fitbit app.

2. Pull down the Me Stream to refresh the data.

3. Sync your data with the server by tapping Settings > scrolling all the way to the bottom > tap Sync Data with Server. 

4. Unlink your fitbit account and relink it. 

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