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How do I pair my Chrome to my phone? (New meter)

1. Turn phone Bluetooth ON

2. Open One Drop | Mobile and tap settings (top right corner of One Drop | Mobile home screen)

3. Tap “Set up Meter”


5. Hold down Chrome button until Bluetooth symbol flashes

6. If the One Drop | Mobile app asks for a PIN number, enter the code that appears on your One Drop | Chrome meter. If it does not ask for a PIN number, follow the instructions on the screen and just wait for the green check mark to confirm your Chrome is paired.

7. If you can see ONE DROP listed under "My Devices" when your phone's Bluetooth is ON, then you're all set! Your Chrome is correctly paired. It is normal and expected for it to say "No Connected", as your Chrome will only connect for the half-second it takes to transfer your blood glucose readings to the One Drop | Mobile app and you likely won't see the brief connection.

NOTE: If you took any BG readings before pairing your Chrome, these readings will not transfer to the One Drop | Mobile app, since they do not have a time/date (the pairing process provides the time/date). Please consider manually entering this data. 

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