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How do I pair my One Drop Glucose Meter to my Apple Watch? How do I sync BG readings directly to the Apple Watch?

The One Drop Glucose Meter can now pair directly to the Apple Watch! 

Make sure you have

  • Apple Watch, Series 2 or higher (must be BTLE enabled)
  • One Drop Glucose Meter, purchased after September 12, 2018 (need a compatible glucose meter? Order here!)
    • Please note that your glucose meter must be paired to the iPhone OR to the Apple Watch. It cannot pair to both.
  • iPhone running iOS11 or higher

How to pair your One Drop Glucose Meter directly to the Apple Watch

1. Make sure that your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone. We recommend keeping your iPhone, Apple Watch, and One Drop Glucose Meter all nearby when importing readings. 

2. Tap "Add A Meter" in the One Drop Watch app.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. When your glucose meter is paired, you will get this confirmation.

How to import readings once you've paired your One Drop Glucose Meter directly to the Apple Watch

1. Take a BG reading. 

2. Open the One Drop app on the Apple Watch. The app MUST be open in order for readings to sync to the Apple Watch.

3. Press the button on the glucose meter lightly to cycle through the readings and trigger the sync process. 

4. Confirm the import of your reading.

Having trouble importing your readings?

If you have paired your glucose meter to the Apple Watch ONLY, have the One Drop app on the Apple Watch open, and don't get prompted to import your readings when you lightly tap the button on your glucose meter, it's possible that your glucose meter is trying to sync with your iPhone. Please try the following steps:

1. Turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone off.

2. Follow the previous steps to import your readings.

3. Once the readings import from your glucose meter to the Apple Watch, you can turn the Bluetooth on your phone back on.

Stats on your Apple Watch not updating?

Just hang tight. The data has to go from the One Drop app on the Apple Watch to the One Drop app on the iPhone, get processed by the server, and then come back to your Apple Watch. It won't be instantaneous, and your iPhone will need to be nearby to transfer the data. 

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