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What is Automated Decision Support (ADS)?

New! One Drop | Mobile can predict your blood sugar.

Who is this for?

Users with Type 2 diabetes who are not taking insulin -- it will be available for a larger group of users soon. 

This feature is available on both iOS and Android.

What is it?

If you are regularly logging BG in One Drop | Mobile, you will occasionally get a pop-up notification right after you log that gives you a prediction of what your BG will be in the next eight hours, and offers advice on actions that you can take in response to that prediction. 

How do you know what my BG will be? 

Magic 8 Ball! (Just kidding.) Our model learns not only from your logged experience, but also from the histories of other users. 

How accurate are the predictions?

Overall, the forecast is usually (91% of the time) within 50 mg/dL, and 71% of the time within 25 mg/dL. Half the time we are within 14 mg/dL and 25% of the time within 6 mg/dL. That's across all predictions. Some users will see more accurate predictions than this, some less. Logging more consistently helps improve accuracy. 

Don't want predictions?

Keep tapping “Not Useful” on the notification; after enough of those, they'll get the hint and go away.

Want more predictions?

Keep tapping “Useful” on the notification; after enough of those, they'll start coming more often. 

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