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Sharing iOS Health Records with your One Drop | Expert (iOS12)

With the release of iOS 12, you can now share relevant Health Records with your One Drop | Expert. 

How do I set up sharing my Health Records?

Your One Drop | Expert can send you a request in your chat to access your relevant Health Records. Sharing Health Records can help your One Drop | Expert provide you with better, more personalized support and is entirely voluntary. 

Click the link to set up sharing with Apple Health Records. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Having trouble?

Please note that the following things must be true in order for Health Records to work:

1. You must be an iOS user (iPhone), using iOS12 or later, and have the most recent version of the One Drop app. 

2. You must have set up Health Records in Apple Health

3. Your medical institution must be participating in Apple Health Records sharing, and you must have relevant records available. 

More questions? Ask your One Drop | Expert. 

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